bike repair

UPDATE: Hot off the press. Goodbye to all the amazing greasy handed mechanics who've gone on to other adventures. If you are interested in getting involved, or learning more about bikes and have time, now is a great time to contact us. There are approx 5 new people with energy and enthusiasm. Contact to get added to a loose email list.

Come learn how to fix your bike in the backyard every Wednesday from 3-7pm. Call for more information Dan at 0450 217 774

Womyn and Trans only bike workshop every Friday 3-7. This is not currently happening but there is talk - if you'd like to see it happening, get in touch

We have tools and some spare bike bits that you can make use of.

If you don't have a bike but want one, we also have scavenged bikes that you can repair and take with you.

Everything is by donation!