Users Guidelines

Loophole is a community centre that can be used by almost everyone and for almost anything. Loophole does have requests it makes of its users that are necessary so that everyone feels safe and respected and in order to maximise the probability of fun and revolutionary happenings.

If you are organising any sort of event – workshops, meetings, gigs, etc. – you can rearrange the space in whatever way suits you, but when you leave please put things back where you found them. When people move through the space, they bring mess with them so please sweep up, mop, empty the rubbish and wash up any mugs and dishes you might have used. Loophole caretakers can tell you where all the cleaning supplies are.

Loophole rarely charges to use the space, but it is dependent on contributions users make. Contributions can be financial but they can also be things like toilet paper, cleaning products, soy milk, etc.

Specific Gig Guidelines

  • We charge $30 to use the PA system and $20 to use the projector in order to ensure we have funds to maintain and repair this equipment.We also charge $1/head for gigs.
  • Gigs can start anytime but music needs to be finished by 9pm and the space cleaned and packed up by 10pm.
  • Windows need to be soundproofed and doors need to be kept shut as much as possible to ensure good relations with our neighbours. Music gigs to be on Fridays and Saturdays only for the same reason.

  • Loophole has some other requests for people organising events:

  • Loophole does not want to be a space where people come together for the purpose of perpetuating prejudice and discrimination. Racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise discriminatory acts are not welcome. This includes the personal behaviour of users as well as the intent of those users.
  • Users of Loophole must take responsibility for setting the space up how they need it and for cleaning up after themselves. This often means being the first person to arrive and the last person to leave. In return for people taking responsibility, Loophole encourages autonomy and creativity.
  • Loophole would like to be as safe a space as possible. If you are organising an event, we would like you to consider what a safer space looks like and to come up with ways to create one.

  • Briefly, a safer space is welcoming, engaging and supportive. It is a space where people attempt to not act in racist, sexist, homophobic, or other oppressive ways. In a safer space, people are generally considerate of one another; they respect one another’s desire to speak or be silent, they actively listen to those who would like to speak, and they respect one another’s personal space. In a safer space people know where they can find somebody who can listen to them and give them support.

    If you haven’t thought about safer spaces, talk to us and we can pass on Loophole’s safer spaces policy as well as information about things that have been done in the past that have worked well. If you have ideas, we would welcome them.

    If you are confident you can follow this guide then you are welcome to use the space. To book an event:

  • Check out Loophole’s online calendar at to make sure nothing is happening at the same time (no gigs on Sundays, and only one music gig per weekend);
  • Drop by Loophole anytime from Wednesday to Sunday between 2pm and 7pm and reserve the spaces you need by writing the day, time and nature of the event as well as your contact information in the Loophole diary.
  • Let one of the caretakers know about your event or email Loophole at so we know to put your event on the online calendar and to include it in our weekly emails.

  • There isn’t a formal approval process for having events. If you have a good idea and are willing to take responsibility for it then that is good enough.

    If you have any questions and/or comments, you can email us at or ring us on (03) 9495 1475.