loophole finances

Loophole wants its finance to be open and transparent so that everyone understands why we ask for money when we do, and so that we can further share responsibility for keeping the space running. Loophole uses a combined community centre/ residential model in order to cover the bulk of its rent and create an autonomous community centre downstairs. For the rest of the expenses of the community centre, we rely on regular donations from community members and loophole supports, loophole usergroups.

Loophole is a community centre, but it also is a residential space. It receives no government funding and no grant support. Using the rent from the upstairs residential space, the Loophole collective is for the most part able to pay rent to provide an autonomous community space downstairs. The rent for the entire premises is $2333 per month. $1700 of this is covered by the Loophole residents rent.
(Upstairs Loophole has four bedrooms, and a residential kitchen: 2 Large Rooms at $500 each, and 2 smaller rooms at $350 each). Beyond the residential contribution to rent, Loophole receives donations from a mixture of collective members, friends of loophole and broader community members to help keep the community centre in open, for the moment these contributions amount to an extra $280 each month towards rent and expenses.

We have a 1+2+2 year lease. This means after the 1st year, the landlord must offer us another 2 years if we want it, then after that another 2 years if we want it. We’d love to be here for 5 years, but in order to do that, the place needs to pay for itself. Currently (and historically) Loophole has relied on random donations from groups using the space and and community supporters to cover the rest of the costs of rent and basic utility expenses (electrics, gas & water). Whilst we welcome random donations, the more fol contributing a small amounts to cover Loopholes overall expenses on an ongoing basis, the more stable Loophole's future will be. We encourage financially able supports of the the space to consider donating small amounts regularly, so that Loophole's financial situation can be slightly more stable, predictable and intentional.

Bills and Rent

Expense Monthly Cost
Rent $2445
Water $33
Electricity $100
Gas 30
Internet & Phone $90
Insurance $175
Total $2735

Other costs
Most everything in Loophole is scavenged, dumpstered or donated. There are, however, other ongoing costs for the basic projects happening within the loophole space. These include supplies for the loophole radical library, for the food not bombs community kitchen and for ongoing maintenance and cleaning supplies.

Loophole always needs cash, so if you love Loophole and you can afford it, please consider making a regular donation through your bank to:
bsb: 814 282
acct: 31070841
name:loophole community centre
Credit Union Australia