getting involved

There are a number of ways to get involved in loophole, by taking on a caretaker shift to keep the space open, joining collectives to organise and look after specific projects, or starting something new in the space.


Loophole needs regular volunteers who can commit to weekly caretaking shifts. We're currently in the process of writing a volunteer manual, but some of the things volunteers do are:

  • Welcome visitors into the space
  • Show people around
  • Let people know about what projects are happening
  • Help keep the place tidy eg: sweep, mop, empty bins, sort fliers and community noticeboard
  • Sort and stamp donated books in library
  • Turn compost out back
  • Enjoy yourself – reading in the library, sewing, drawing, gardening, cooking, dreaming

  • If you want to volunteer for a shift, contact Loophole by email at

    Loophole has started a number of working groups to look after various projects, we would love help if you would like to join any of the projects.

    Join Collectives

    Barricade Collective
    -Anarchist bookshop, film nights, political resources and education. Barricade website

    Bike Collective
    -Join the bike workshop collective if you
    have bicycle repair skills or want to improve them!
    Contact: Sean on 0403 990 492 or Judit on 0450 117 786

    Food Not Bombs
    -Collective for Food Not Bombs Thornbury Sunday street kitchen, including weekly food pick ups, cooking and serving
    Contact: Bronwen on 0415 832 574

    Outreach Collective
    -Community outreach collective, making contacts with local groups and distributing resources.maybe starting a
    Sharehood similar to the one operating in Northcote

    Resources Collective
    -Organises loophole communal resources, including the library, computers, materials (fliers, badges etc) maintaining and adding to what we have available
    Contact: liz

    Loophole Space Collective
    -Collective for looking after the loophole space including user groups.